Tien Luong


Tien is both modest and gentle as sharp and forth coming. Tien has a brilliant mind and a strong intuition and she is not afraid to use them. She has a broad view of the world thanks to her international experiences, combined with a deep insight in human consciousness. Tien is an excellent, committed and loyal professional that I would recommend to anyone. And even more important, Tien has the most amazing personality you will ever encounter”


~ Robert Bridgeman (www.bridgeman.nu)



“The secret of your success is that you actually live according to your values and vision. And because of that, you come across as an inspiring personality and effective coach to your clients”



~ Coaching client, Sales Director of an international FMCG brand.







As an international MBA Marketing graduate and NLP Master Practitioner, Tien has a decade of work experience in Vietnam, China and the Netherlands. Among her employers are Bitexcoland (Vietnam), Hakuhodo SAC (Vietnam), Asia Base Research (China), Playpoint (Singapore), Pezy Group (the Netherlands), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC Vietnam). 



Having a diverse career journey has greatly expanded her worldview and capability. Most importantly, it has shaped her vision about the field of people development where she believes her uniqueness in bridging the East and the West will bring about the most impact for her people and country. This passion of hers has connected her with many like-minded coaches and professionals, thus leading to the establishment of One Life Connection Training & Consultancy in 2011.



Now based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Tien designs and facilitates training courses, mindfulness programs and provides one-on-one coaching for individuals, groups and companies. She has the energy and insights to foster and shape social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs and motivate them to fully realize their potentials. 



In parallel, she founded a local community of highly motivated youths to nurture their leadership potentials at an early age. It is an extended part of One Life Connection's mission, to realize one authentic leader at a time, that we have been committed to since the very beginning of our establishment. 


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