Beyond Customer Service: 3 Super-Keys to a Culture of WOW
Author: Sunny Grosso
In today's global market, customer relationships remain key to standing out. But is it enough to deliver quality products and services on time? These practices can be copied, and increasingly are. Moreover, they don’t create the same brand loyalty…...
25 Oct 2017
The PERMA Model: Your Scientific Theory of Happiness
Author: Mariana
Everyone seems to be in the pursuit of happiness nowadays. There are many ways to reach happiness, though including training your mind for happiness, spending money on others to promote happiness, and following the code to well-being and happiness. Most…...
22 Oct 2017
Khai giảng Lớp Thiền Nghệ thuật Sống Cân Bằng & Hạnh phúc
Author: Tien Luong
Bạn có biết giữa thực hành tỉnh thức & hạnh phúc có mối liên hệ rất sâu sắc? Cả hai đều có thể được xem như những kỹ năng nội tại, hay thực hành tâm…...
12 Jun 2017
GNH Retreat with Phd Ha Vinh Tho - Nam Cat Tien 22-24.4
Author: Tien Luong
Tất cả mọi người đều mong muốn hạnh phúc, và như câu nói thường được trích dẫn từ triết gia Aristole: “Hạnh phúc là ý nghĩa và mục đích của…...
18 Apr 2017
From GDP to GNH: A Shift Towards Sustainable Organizations
Author: Tien Luong
If you are HR managers and business leaders in search of a strategy to build a sustainable organization, one that embodies strong values, delivers good results, at the same time, provides work-life balance for employees to perform and grow with the company,…...
18 Apr 2017
5 điều bạn cần cho môt năm mới thành công
Author: Tien Luong
Đầu năm là thời điểm bạn đặt ra cho mình những dự định đầy hứng khởi cho một năm mới thành công. Dưới đây là 5 điều bạn cần để giúp bạn thực sự đạt…...
20 Jan 2017
Money, Power, Sex & Why Meditation Matters
Author: Tien Luong
To be engaged in the world is to constantly deal with issues about Money, Power and Sex. In other words, we can’t choose to avoid them. These 3 ships will cross our mind many times in a day. How to live with them without letting them take control…...
3 Jan 2017
Hãy là tiếng nói để tạo nên sự thay đổi
Author: Tien Luong
Trưa ngày 5.12.2016 gần 30 nữ lãnh đạo và quản trị Tp HCM với Bà Meagan Pi, VP Google, lãnh đạo mảng Partnership Technology toàn cầu, diễn ra trong bầu không khí chia sẻ…...
19 Dec 2016
Lớp Nghệ thuật sống hạnh phúc
Author: Tien Luong
Tại Tp Hồ Chí Minh đã bắt đầu có một lớp học đặc biệt ngay trong trường đại học: Lớp “Nghệ thuật sống hạnh phúc” dựa trên Kiến thức Giáo dục Cảm xúc…...
15 Dec 2016
What is enough? A question worth deepening
Author: Tien Luong
Yesterday I met two entrepreneurs who came to set up their business in Vietnam. We had such a lovely chat over our life interests and pursuits. Out of curiosity, I asked them how they envisioned their business to be. "Its going to be the Apple of food…...
27 Apr 2016
Hoạt động xây dựng con người tại Elite Dental
Author: Tien Luong
Chủ nhật vừa qua 3/4/2016 tại Co-working Space Alma House, trung tâm nha khoa Elite Dental Vietnam đã tổ chức buổi Workshop "HIỂU VỀ CẢM XÚC, LÀM CHỦ BẢN THÂN VÀ THIỀN…...
18 Apr 2016
Happiness In Vietnam: A Social Campaign Worth Sharing
Author: Tien Luong
Within 4 days (17-20 March), this social campaign has organically engaged more than 30 online communities, attracting 27K reach and 9k post engagement to its main FB Happiness In Vietnam. This campaign set of colorful logos has been shared and used on…...
31 Mar 2016
Why I decided to leave Steve Jobs in the past?
Author: Tien Luong
As we advance through many changes in life, it's important to keep checking on our values, our goals, our role models. For whatever we choose to follow, Is it because of us, our ego, or a higher cause that drives us to do what we strongly believe in?…...
22 Jan 2016
Tại sao Google, Target và General Mills đầu tư vào huấn luyện Mindfulness
Author: Kimbely Schaufenbuel
Lần cuối cùng bạn ngồi yên tại bàn làm việc mà không làm gì cả là khi nào? Bạn sẽ phản ứng như thế nào nếu thấy đồng nghiệp hay sếp của mình…...
30 Dec 2015
What is Happiness anyway?
Author: Barbara Graham
Happy. What a tricky word. Does it mean being free of all cares? Do we suddenly let go of all our baggage? The new science of happiness helps us find deeper meanings....
16 Sep 2015
5 Science-based Practices for Daily Happiness
Author: Tien Luong
In Buddha's teachings, we learnt that 'There's no way to happiness, happiness is the way'. Much as we are inspired by the profound idea of not going after happiness as a goal, rather attain happiness in your daily activities, we are still blur about…...
14 Aug 2015
Being Brilliant Every Single Day
Author: Tien Luong
Whether it is the school of energy management or NLP-modelling, fake it till you make it, there is an underlining fact that we can alter the situation by being in charge of our physiology, which lays at the basement of our human systems....
3 Aug 2015
What is Intrapreneurship?
Author: Joe Agoada
From the outside looking in, entrepreneurs think intrapreneurs have it made: ample capital, infrastructure (desks, chairs, Internet access, assistants, lines of credit, etc), salespeople, support people, and an umbrella brand. Guess again. Intrapreneurs…...
30 Jul 2015
The turbulent life story of Bhutan's happiness guru
Author: Tien Luong
In the 1970s, the king of Bhutan announced that the happiness of the population was more important than Gross Domestic Product. Saamdu Chetri has been charged with overseeing Bhutan's happiness - but his own life has had its share of suffering....
27 Jul 2015
5 Reasons to Bring Mindfulness to the Body
Author: Ed Halliwell
Paying attention to sensations gets us out of our heads and into our bodies—and the world around us....
27 Jul 2015
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