From GDP to GNH: A Shift Towards Sustainable Organizations

If you are HR managers and business leaders in search of a strategy to build a sustainable organization, one that embodies strong values, delivers good results, at the same time, provides work-life balance for employees to perform and grow with the company, this seminar is about you and for you. 



As Program Director of GNH Centre Bhutan, and former T&D Director of ICRC (International Committee of The Red Cross), PhD Ha Vinh Tho has provided training for country and organizational leaders in diverse fields, mainly Business, Education, Sustainable Development etc. In recent years, he has extensively delivered Training of trainers, tools and frameworks to help organizations, specifically in the US and Thailand, to apply Gross National Happiness for their long-term strategic growth. 

A shift from Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to Gross National Happines (GNH) opens audience to explore 2 crucial questions: 

1. "What are the universal purposes of business?" 
2. "Could these purposes not only be leading society away from happiness but also hurting it?" 

Through his direct experiences with businesses in the world and successful establishment of GNH Center in Hue, PhD Tho will show us how Business can practically nurture happiness, the most sought-after product of shared societal progress. Human well- being is the basis of prosperity, which is as much the cause as it is the product of flourishing business. 

+ 18hh-18h15: Check-in, Video "GNH - A paradigm shift"
+ 18h15-18h30: Introduction about PhD Ha Vinh Tho 
+ 18h30-19h30: Sharing the story of GNH & its applications in building sustainable organizations in USA & Thailand. 
+ 19h30-20h30: Implications for Vietnam - Q&A & Closing 

With translation by Luong Ngoc Tien, Founder of One Life Connection, a Mindfulness-based training & coaching program-provider ( 

200,000 VND/per (Via TicketBox)
250,000 VND/per (Very limited seats, at entrance) 

For Group registration, please email your list directly to: 

All fees go to Eurasia Foundation (

Hotline: Ms Nhung - 0933957837.

Date: 18 Apr 2017
Author: Tien Luong

Once a creative advertising copywriter and winning writer of a public contest on the Youth Newspaper, now an aspirational blogger on various topics with a deep passion for life and human potentials. 

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