From GDP to GNH: A Shift Towards Sustainable Organizations
Author: Tien Luong
If you are HR managers and business leaders in search of a strategy to build a sustainable organization, one that embodies strong values, delivers good results, at the same time, provides work-life balance for employees to perform and grow with the company,…...
18 Apr 2017
Hãy là tiếng nói để tạo nên sự thay đổi
Author: Tien Luong
Trưa ngày 5.12.2016 gần 30 nữ lãnh đạo và quản trị Tp HCM với Bà Meagan Pi, VP Google, lãnh đạo mảng Partnership Technology toàn cầu, diễn ra trong bầu không khí chia sẻ…...
19 Dec 2016
Why I decided to leave Steve Jobs in the past?
Author: Tien Luong
As we advance through many changes in life, it's important to keep checking on our values, our goals, our role models. For whatever we choose to follow, Is it because of us, our ego, or a higher cause that drives us to do what we strongly believe in?…...
22 Jan 2016
What is Intrapreneurship?
Author: Joe Agoada
From the outside looking in, entrepreneurs think intrapreneurs have it made: ample capital, infrastructure (desks, chairs, Internet access, assistants, lines of credit, etc), salespeople, support people, and an umbrella brand. Guess again. Intrapreneurs…...
30 Jul 2015
Develop Global Leadership
Author: Tien Luong
The Jack Welch of the future cannot be like me. I've spent my entire career in the United States. The next head of GE will be somebody who has spent time in Bombay, in Hong Kong, in Buenos Aires....
14 Aug 2014
Are you qualified to work oversea?
Author: Tien Luong
Although companies differ in how they conduct assessments for oversea assignment, research shows that they seek the following similar characteristics in their expats. ...
1 Nov 2013