What would make you more satisfied and productive at work?
Author: Matt Garland
Think about your typical workday. How often do you wake up in the morning, excited to get to work? How much time do you spend fighting traffic to get to the office?  Do you run from meeting to meeting, with no time in between, as emails pile up…...
19 Jun 2014
4 Sure Ways to Motivate Your People
Author: Matt Garland
If you're a leader, you know that lighting a constant motivational fire under your people is one of your biggest jobs....
23 Apr 2014
Financial Incentive - When it doesn't work
Author: Thanh Cong
Next time when you think of incentives for your staff, remember this following Duncker's candle problem that shows us the psychology of motivation. The more sophisticated and creative the task is, the less financial incentive will work.  …...
5 Mar 2014