How to give reprimand
Author: Tien Luong
As a business owner or team leader, you want to promote positive behaviors that can contribute to the bottom line and team being, as well as eliminate negative behaviors that can lead to the destructive fault finding and blaming spiral......
24 Oct 2013
Feedbacks in the Blindspot: When 360 feedback is only 345
Author: Tien Luong
A case study: Rajib’s 360 feedback sits right in Rajib’s blindspot. And because of this, Rajib couldn’t see what everyone else sees: that his behavior is having a seriously negative impact on people around him... ...
22 Oct 2013
How to respond to a reprimand
Author: Tien Luong
Getting a reprimand from your boss is likely to be uncomfortable and maybe even upsetting, depending on the circumstances, especially to Vietnamese as we are afraid of 'losing face'. Whether the reprimand is warranted or not, how you respond can affect…...
25 Sep 2013