GNH Retreat with Phd Ha Vinh Tho - Nam Cat Tien 22-24.4
Author: Tien Luong
Tất cả mọi người đều mong muốn hạnh phúc, và như câu nói thường được trích dẫn từ triết gia Aristole: “Hạnh phúc là ý nghĩa và mục đích của…...
18 Apr 2017
Happiness In Vietnam: A Social Campaign Worth Sharing
Author: Tien Luong
Within 4 days (17-20 March), this social campaign has organically engaged more than 30 online communities, attracting 27K reach and 9k post engagement to its main FB Happiness In Vietnam. This campaign set of colorful logos has been shared and used on…...
31 Mar 2016
What is Happiness anyway?
Author: Barbara Graham
Happy. What a tricky word. Does it mean being free of all cares? Do we suddenly let go of all our baggage? The new science of happiness helps us find deeper meanings....
16 Sep 2015
5 Science-based Practices for Daily Happiness
Author: Tien Luong
In Buddha's teachings, we learnt that 'There's no way to happiness, happiness is the way'. Much as we are inspired by the profound idea of not going after happiness as a goal, rather attain happiness in your daily activities, we are still blur about…...
14 Aug 2015
The turbulent life story of Bhutan's happiness guru
Author: Tien Luong
In the 1970s, the king of Bhutan announced that the happiness of the population was more important than Gross Domestic Product. Saamdu Chetri has been charged with overseeing Bhutan's happiness - but his own life has had its share of suffering....
27 Jul 2015