Ingrid Messner

Ingrid Messner is a founding partner of Authentic Values in Australia, with a passion for inspiring new perspectives on how to lead sustainable change in today’s interconnected, international business world.


Since 2015, we have started working with Ingrid in order to share our resources, especially in applying Bhutan's Gross National Happiness model into our coaching and organizational development's projects. 


Ingrid has got more than 20 years business and corporate experience across different countries, cultures and industries. She has lived and worked in Europe, Australia, India and Turkey. She completed a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at University of Hamburg and is on an ongoing learning journey. She is an accredited facilitator for the Integrity and Values profiling tool and the Passion Maps Program as well as an accredited Executive Coach (The Institute of Executive Coaching in Sydney). She also successfully completed the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.


During her 12 years of corporate experience in various management positions in Europe in companies like Unilever, Reckitt & Colman and Mobil Oil, her roles included working as an internal Facilitator and Coach for Management Development programs and as a Marketing Director. Ingrid has distinctive experiences in facilitation and co-ordination of heterogeneous cross-functional and multi-national teams.


Areas of Expertise:

+ Leadership Coaching

+ Strategy

+ Innovation 

+ CSR/GNH in business

+ Communication

+ Team building


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