Coaching Skills

Have you considered adding coaching skills to your line managers capacity?


Below is a graph that demonstrates how Performance significantly differs with and without coaching after training (extracted from The Heart of Coaching by Thomas G. Crane)


Evidence has shown. “Do more with less” is a mantra of today’s business environment. Yet many HR professionals and business managers report that a typical organization is only using 60–70% of its talent capacity. Why so?


Because the majority of business managers have for a long time neglected the impact of coaching on subordinates. Coaching has been mistaken for 'directing', 'instructing', 'mentoring', and 'training', all of which are part of coaching styles but do not embrace the full spectrum of coaching. 


In Vietnam, organizations have started to incorporate coaching into their key people’s competencies. More emphasis has been put on the role of manager as a coach: to support team members to tap into, and apply, their potentials, thus resulting in greater business impact.


Get More Leaders Coaching, More Often, for More Business Impact


At One Life Connection, we leverage on our expertise in delivering coaching skills training. We can help your organization to build a coaching culture over time. An in-company coaching package in general is a fast, simple, and scalable training process built on three integrated steps:


Step 1:  Pre-workshop preparation

—Targeted pre-work provides participants the context for the program and how it connects to the overall coaching direction of the company.


Step 2: Actionable classroom training

—A transformational two-day workshop moves participants quickly to action through interactive lessons, discussions, and classroom practice exercises.


Step 3: Workplace application

A one-on-one or group coaching follow-up to reinforce on the learning and measure real-world application and results.



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