Corporate Training

Looking for a tailored training program on leadership and performance?

We work with internationally recognized training programs and consultants to Vietnam. We then add our local knowledge when co-facilitating these programs to ensure our clients get the best of both solutions:


Our consultants are currently based in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and a few other countries within reach. These are seasoned trainers, coaches and business leaders who have extensive experience in Asia and share a compelling vision about sustainable people and organization growth. 

Below is only a shortlist of some training programs that can be tailored to your company’s needs, in training workshop or seminar.

 Energy Management - Adopting individual to organizational energy theory to build most productive team


 Cross-culture interactions - Adopting cross cultural awareness to build strong collaborative team


 The Consultative Sales Person - Adopting a counter-selling approach


 Mindfulness at the workplace - Adopting mindfulness practice to reenergize your team


 Strategic Planning - Adopting a practical mindset and toolset to strategically build your organization 


 Delivering Happiness at work - Adopting a posive culture at work which revolves around happy customers, people, and business. 


 Making Positive Joy-care choices - Adopting a positive joy-care attitude that results in positive choices that guarantee sustainable growth.


We are unique in our approach because we deliver mindfulness-based training solutions to deepen learner's self awareness and improvement allthough the program.


Proven by today's neuroscience and brain researches, mindfulness brings significant benefits, such as increase attention and sense of focus, ability to memorize and associate, connection to emotions and sensitivity and so on. 


For your corporate training needs, please contact us for a preliminary need exploration at