Life Coaching

Facing a Work-Life unbalance challenge?




  Check if you have these following syndromes:


 You are out of shape

 You often run out of time

 You often work late

 You focus too much on getting things right

 Your social activities disappear on your to-do-list

 You choose to work when you are free

 Your personal space (workplace, laptop, home etc.) is a mess

 You get angry, irritated, annoyed more and more easily

 You have troubles getting rest and sleeping at night

 You lose touch with yourself and loved ones.


At One Life Connection, we work with professional coaches in the field of human development to offer you a holistic life coaching process. From Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) techniques to nutrition and health strategies, we help you restore your energy to a healthy level and commit to a personal growth goal in order to achieve balance and fulfillment in your work-life. 



How much have you been aware of what is important to you and how are you living your life? Have you been living the life you aspire or losing control and feeling lost? Take a look at the wheel of life above to have a sense of overview for the gaps you may face now.


Explore what we can do for you, from stress reduction to life orientation and more. 


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