“The fact that we see something that we did not know before, allows us to change something or act differently later.”

“By working consciously on a picture of a system, we inherently influence what is unconscious: e.g. balance can be brought back to a system or tensions can be released. This often results in experiencing changes in “real life” after a Systemic Constellation.”

We are all social beings and to a large extent, we are strongly dependent on our family, workplace and culture. This means our pains and difficulties in life are often directly rooted in these “systems”: family, workplace or culture, though normally we are not aware of these connections.

Systemic Constellation helps you to experience these connections and work on your pains and difficulties from their origin in your “system”. Whether you are facing difficulties in personal or professional relationships, having to overcome limiting beliefs or making tough decisions, Systemic Constellation helps you to navigate intuitively through all these challenges, with some levels of ease and insights.

In this Induction workshop, you will learn about the basics of Systemic Constellation and experience how it may work for you.

Meet the facilitator:

Dr. Torsten Seeger has 20+ years of leadership experience in research for corporates in Germany, France, UK, Russia, Malaysia and Vietnam. After experiencing his first Systemic Constellation transformation in Malaysia in 2013, he decided to be trained and certified in leading specialists of Systemic Consulting and Coaching in Germany and Malaysia. In 2016, he founded ConsulToSee in Vietnam, the first to specialize in Systemic Consulting for business. His clients are international companies, law firms, organizations and individuals.